2025: Kunsthall Grenland. Porsgrunn Norway. Ice ballon.
2022: Porter Faculty Gallery, University of California, Santa Cruz, Flora. USA
2017: The Fine Art Gallery, College of Marin. California. Two people show. In conversation.
2014: Henrik Ibsen Museum. Oslo, Norway.  Ekdal´s Garden.
2006: Bolinas Museum.  USA. Ambrosia
2004: Haines Gallery. San Francisco.  Three people show. Upstarts
2003: The National Museum of Contemporary Art.  Oslo, Norway. Fugitive Stories
2002: Gallery Ask.  Norway.  A Large Number.
2002: Telemark kunstnersenter. Norway.  Coil; a cinematic conversation.
2000: Gallery III.  Oslo, Norway.  Exogence
1999: Anderson Gallery.  Richmond, Virginia.  Isotropy
1998: Virginia Fire and Police Historic Museum. Virginia.  32º
1998: Biggs Building.  Richmond, Virginia.  Clepsydra; water thief.

2018: Galerie Hus, Paris. Peanuts Piano project. Conception et direction artistique: Florient Azoulay.
2015: Statbat, Berlin Artweek.
2013: No Sphere Gallery, New York.
2008: Gallery Artworks.  San Francisco.
Selected artist from Headlands Center.
2005: MAC  Individual Artist Award Exhibition.  San Francisco.
2004: Haugar Art Museum in conjunction with
The Norwegian Sculpture Biennial.
2002: Arendal Kunstforening. Norway
2000: Haugar Art Museum.  Norway.
2000: Kim Foster Gallery. New York,
2000: Kunstnerneshus. Oslo, Norway.
1997: Chateu Musee – Musee Renoir.  Cagnes Sur Mer, France.
1998: Oakland Museum. California.
Exhibition held in conjunction with the 1998 International Sculpture Convention.

Best of the show award. Curator Neal Benezra, Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, DC USA
Marin Art Counsel Award. CA, USA.

2019: The Headlands Center for the Arts. San Francisco. One month winter studio.
2013: Cite Internationale Des Arts MontmartreAwarded by ville de Paris.
2011-12: Cite Internationale Des Arts.  Paris.  Funded by Ingrid Lindbäck Langaards foundation. Norway.
2006-07: Headlands Center for the Arts, San Francisco.  Funded by Marine Art Counsil.
2003: Cite Internationale Des Arts. Paris.  Funded by Ingrid Lindbäk Langaards foundation.
2002: Gallery Ask. Åsgaardstrand,  Awarded by Børre county and Gallery Ask,  Norway.
2000: Nordic Art Center. Norway.  Invited by Nordiska Institutet för Samtidskonst - NIFCA. 

2021: DTK - Kunstfagskolen I Bærum. Norway. Sculpture workshop.
2020: Rudolf Steiner University Collage, Oslo Norway. Drawing workshop
2019: DTK - Kunstfagskolen i Bærum. Norway. Lecture.
2018: Oslo by Steinerskole, Norway. Textiles, drawing and sculpture.
2017: College of Marin, California. Visiting artist.
2015: Kunsthochschule Berlin – Weissensee.  Visiting artist.
1998: Virginia Commonwealth University.  BFA sculpture class.
1997: Virginia Commonwealth University.  Graduate teaching assistantship.

2000: Vestlandsutstillingen.  Førde, Norway.
2001-02: UKS- The National Assosiation of Young Artist, Norway. Bord member.

1996–98: MFA with distinction.  Virginia Commonwealth University.
1989–93: BFA double majors with distinctions.  California College of Art.
1989: Instituto per l'Arte e il Restauro, Italy.

2019: OCA-International Support. Office for Contemporary Art. Government Support, Norway.
2011-12: Ingrid Lindbäk Langaards foundation, Norway.
2008: Norwegian artist support found. Norway.
2007: Norwegian artist support found. Norway.
2007: Eureka Fellowship Program, nominee.  USA.
2006: Norwegian artist support fund. Norway.
2004: Eureka Fellowship Program, nominee. USA.
2004: Marin Art Counsel Individual Artist Grant.
2004: Norwegian artist support fund.  Norway.
2003: Ingrid Lindbäck Langaards fondation. Norway.
2001: Norwegian culture fund. Norway.
2001: Norwegian artist support fund. Norway.
2000: Norwegian culture fund. Norway.
1998–2002: Graduate Fellowship, Virginia Commonwealth University.
1998–2002: Norwegian State Education Scholarship. Norway.
1995–98: Norwegian State Education Scholarship. Norway.
1995–98: Annie Swift Pratt Memorial Foundation Scholarship.  CA

2015: Lars Elton.  Steder og ting.   Ekdals Garden.
2015: David Nice.  The Arts Desk.  Ekdals Garden.
2012: Jean-Louis Poitevin. Dans le blanc des yeux du temps.
- TK-21.  La revue, 14.
2012: Sara Lier Fagerbakke Léxplorateur.  Norwegian Embassy News.
2008: Rebecca Lehrer. Marine Art Council Affiliate Studio Award.
- The Headlands News Letter
2004: Alison Bing. Upstarts.
- SF Gate- Chronicle.
2004: Kenneth Baker. Upstarts.
-San Francisco Chronicle
2004: Gard O. Frigstad. Selected exhibitions in 03.  Fugitive Stories.
- Yearbook of Norwegian Art
2003: Janet Koplos.  Coil & Fugitive Stories.
- Art in America. 
2003: Lars Elton.  Strong Sculpture.  Fugitive Stories.
- Verdens Gang.
2003:Harald Floor.  Fugitive Stories
- Dagbladet.
2003: Gard O Frigstad.  Bildet pa oyet som ser.  Fugitive Stories.
- Aftenposten.
2003: The National Museum of Contemporary Art.  Fugitive Stories.
- Yearbook of Norwegian Art
2002: Grethe Hald.  Many meanings.
- Tonsberg blad.
2002: Harald Nygaard Kvam.  Consumerism in focus.
- Gjengangeren.
2002: Leif Tore Sedberg.  Fiction and reality.
-Porsgrunn Dagblad.
2002: Trine Lise Gjesdal.  Blinking eyes and film.
2002: Telemark Kunstnersenter.  Coil.
-Year Book of Norwegian Art. 
2000: Lars Elton.  More than annular rings.
-Verdens Gang.
1999: Bibi Plahte Vance.  Exhibiting in New York City.

2013: French Documentary about Montmartre, Studio Interview
2002: Telemark Televison.  Coil.
2002: Tønsberg Televison.  Vermicular.

Works by the artist can be found at Art Eco Gallery in London and Gallerie Hus in Paris and by private collectors in France, the US and Norway.